July 26, 2021 Surprise for you. 5 beautiful blue show puppies were born in kennel Bos Grunniens in May. They were 7 weeks old this week. Suitable for a loving family. For those interested, you will find photos below the text. More information on fb Anna Agel.

7/26/2021 we added new photos of puppies from litter A and B. We have to thank all those who have our pets for super care. We are very happy with you. We are especially pleased that you remain in contact with us.

May 10, 2021 new photos with Bianca from the 11th to the 14th week, before she travels abroad. If you want to see how pets are doing in new homes, you can take a look at Photogallery.

Litter B

15.4.2021 we added photos for the period 9 - 11 weeks of age of puppies. Our puppies are slowly moving to new homes during the covid period, we will miss them very, very much. We enjoyed spending all our time with them and enjoying their games with them. The time has come when our dog children can create joy and a smile on the face of others. We wish them a happy new home and the right partners for life.

27.3.2021 New photos 7-8 weeks.

21.3.2021 Added photos where puppies are 7 weeks old. And you can also watch the video in the section Videos.

12.3.2021 Our beautiful puppies are 6 weeks old. Only the exhibition boys are left to be booked now.

6.3.2021 Adding photos where puppies have been for five weeks. A reservation is now possible.

1.3.2021 we added photos where puppies are four weeks old. And mommy's already enjoying the sunshine with her daughter outside.

On February 15, 2021, new photos of litter B were added, puppies are here for 14 days.

The first photos of puppies from litter B born on 29.1.2021. Week 1.

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On 29.1.2021 beautiful puppies were born in our kennel Bohemia Opus. Three girls and two boys. They're all blue and tan colors. We will add more information soon. More info always on fb messenger Bohemia Opus.

We are expecting puppies at the end of January 2021.