16/09/2023 Šumava International dog show Klatovy

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus

Judge: Olga Dolejsová

Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Šumava winner

Dragon Heart Bohemia Opus – Medík

Very promising 1

In the final competition Best youngster 3rd place - Judge: Höllbacher Gabriela AT

A big thank you to the Austrian judge Hollbacher Gabriele for the 3rd place in the final competition for the best youngster from such a large number of entries. We are very happy.

It was a beautiful sunny day with a wonderful atmosphere among friends. Many thanks for a well-organized exhibition.

09/08/2023 We announce great news to the whole world. In our breeding station Bohemia Opus, we have 3 puppies of Bedlington terriers from foreign breeding. They are beautiful boys in the color blue with tan (blue@tan). Those interested in beautiful puppies can contact us via email: bohemiaopus@seznam.cz or message Bohemia Opus.
PS: We are only looking for the nicest family

IV. international dog show Rybnik-Kamień in Poland 02.09.2023

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus

Judge: Malgorzata Lorenc, PL 

Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB 

Group III Finals - BOG 4

Dragon Heart Bohemia Opus – Medík 

Very promising 1 

We thank the Slovenian judge, Tatjana Urek SI, for choosing us in such great competition in the final competition of Group III. 

We thank all our friends for a pleasant time spent

4th regional and club show Brno Zbraslav

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus

Judge: František Polehňa

Výborný 1
Vítěz třídy
Regionální vítěz
Klubový vítěz CC

Dragon Heart Bohemia Opus – Medík

Very promising 1

Best pair of dogs 2nd place!!!

Judge: Leoš Jančík
Thank you for the beautiful evaluation and especially to Mr. Jančík for the selection in the final competition.

18.-20.08.2023 IDS Duodanube Bratislava

IDS Duodanube Bratislava 18.-20.8.2023

*Annie Angel Bohemia Opus*Annie*

18.8. Ex.1, CAC, c.CACIB judge: Fintorová Ľudmila SK
19.8.- Ex.1, CAC judge: Smékal Dalibor CZ
20.8.- Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB judge: Seman Pavol SK

*Dragon Heart Bohemia Opus*Medík*

18.8.2023 – VN1
19.8.2023 – VN1
20.8.2023 – VN1

In just three days in such hot weather, our Annie became the Grand Champion of Slovakia and our Medík the Slovak Puppy Champion.
We are proud of our pets as they performed beautifully throughout the three demanding days.
We thank all the judges for the nice reviews Fintorová Ľudmila SK, Smékal Dalibor CZ and Seman Pavola SK.
Big thanks to all the friends who came to visit and support us. It was a nice time spent with you.

24.06.2023 Intercanis Brno

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus

class: champion

Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB

Judge: Denk Scaba (HU)

Dragon Heart Bohemia Opus „Medík“

class Puppy 6-9 months

Very promising 1

At this Bedlington show, Annie was, for us, the most beautiful female of the show. She performed really beautifully and it was a pleasure just to accompany her. We are really proud of our breeding.

Thanks for the lovely review…

03.06.-04.06.2023 Jelenia Góra CAC (PL)

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus „Anička“

Champion class:

2x excellent 1, CWC

The best of the breed BOB

BOG 4 

Judge: Zoran Roknic (RS), Grzegorz Robak (PL)

We thank the judges for the beautiful assessment and selection in the final competition.


Dragon Heart Bohemia Opus 

class Puppy 3-6 months

We only took part in the final "BEST COUPLE" competition for the second time. And the world is amazed: the judge from Portugal Mr. Pedro Ivo Santos Bispo (PT) chose us and even awarded us 1st place. We will probably never forget that. Many, many thanks.

27.05.2023 Mezinárodní výstava psů IDS Litoměřice

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus

class champion: Excellent 1,CAC, CACIB, BOB

Best of breed

Dragon Heart Bohemia Opus “ Méďa“

class puppy

very promising 1

Judge: Leoš Jančík

Thank you for the nice review of our pets. Thank you also for the beautiful weather and especially the organization of this exhibition. So far, probably the best dog show in our country in terms of organization. Many stalls for pets, a large selection of food and seating. Cool.

19.05.2023 Evropská výstava psů EDS 2023 Herning Dánsko - celkem 28 bedlingtonů z toho 11 psů a 17 fen
Our trip to Denmark was a great success for us. We took with us our 3.5-year-old girl Annie and a 5-month-old boy named Dragon Heart Bohemia Opus, whom we call differently at home "Medík, Médí, Méďa, Meddy, Meďan ...
And what are our results?:

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus jako "Anička"

Champion class

Excellent 1, res.CACIB

2. best female of the BREED!!!! of 17 females


Dragon Heart Bohemia Opus jako "Medík"

třída: Baby puppy

Europe's Future Hope 2023!

Judge: Satu Jarvinen DK

The wonderful lady judge, who had a lot of patience, fortunately did not judge the language barrier, but she really cared about the dogs. Thank you very much for the beautiful memories of Denmark.

Note: In some Nordic countries there is a deal that you only need to have one wait in your class and you will bring the champion of Denmark. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the champion class, as it was in France. Here, only one CAC will be selected from all these intermediate, open and champion classes. Only if the winner of the female CAC had an already confirmed interchampion (C-I-B.), then the female behind her, i.e. res. CAC, res CACIB could also be champion of Denmark.
Ale, že naše Annie je vítězkou třídy šampionů a druhou nejlepší fenou výstavy ze sedmnácti fen je nádherný pocit.
Díky Dánsko.

Preview of EDS Denmark 2023 results:

08.05.2023 Club dog show Staňkov near Pilsen
Annie Angel Bohemia Opus 
class champion:
Excellent 1, class winner, club winner and regional winner
Dragon Heart Bohemia Opus - the first exhibition of our little "Medík"

puppy class: Very promising 1


 Judge: Petra Márová
Thank you for the nice review of the judge Petra Márová.
15/04/2023 International dog show in České Budějovice
⭐️Annie Angel Bohemia Opus⭐️

Champion class:
🏆Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB🏆

Breed: Bedlington Terrier 3M/5F
Judge: Robert Kubeš

Thank you to the referee for the beautiful assessment. Much admiration goes to all the judges who had to judge all day this weekend in very bad weather🌂🌧️
Many thanks to my son Pavlo for accompanying me, filming the video and supporting me at the exhibition😘

We are very proud of our Annie, who became the breed winner again after her first litter of puppies🍀♥️

After more than a month of weaning Annie from the puppies, we took the risk and took the opportunity to exhibit her abroad. Annie again pleasantly surprised us and performed beautifully. We have already reported on the first exhibition day. So let's summarize.

⭐️Annie Angel Bohemia Opus⭐️
Open class
🏆 Open class
🏆Conditions fulfilled for SLOVAK CHAMPION OF BEAUTY
We thank the referee Vladimír Piskay, SK The judge decided not to award the CACIB to any adult Bedlington on this day.

class champion:
🏆 excellent 1/2, CAC, CACIB
🏆Slovak winner
We thank the referee Denk Csaba László, HU
Thank you for a very pleasant meeting on Saturday with the respected cynologist Mr. Švéda♥️. We were honored.
A big thanks to my husband for making Sunday's video and for the trip abroad😉.
On 03/17/2023, we still forgot to mention that our Annie Angel Bohemia Opus repeated the victory in the competition "Best KCHT Terrier for the year 2022" in the Bedlington Terrier breed - winner of the breed.
Nejlepší terier ANNIE 2022 nejlepší v plemeni
27.02.2023 this day we accompanied our puppies to their new homes. We have certainly chosen the best new owners for them. We wish them much happiness and mutual love. In addition, we are sending the last photos from the 9th and 10th week.
16/02/2023 we are sending photos of our puppies from litter D from the 7th-8th week of their life
30.01.2023 today our puppies are 6 weeks old. Now is the right time to introduce the puppies to you in order of birth.
Dragon Dream Bohemia Opus
Dragon Heart Bohemia Opus
Denerys Bohemia Opus
19.01.2023 Our cute puppies are already one month old. Photo litter D.
12/19/2022 The Christmas surprise is here. Annie gave birth to her first puppies. They are two princes and one princess.
06.12.2022 Our Annie received an officially confirmed C.I.B. Interchampion by post. from Belgium
01/12/2022 We have good news. At Christmas we have a surprise... Annie will become a mother for the first time.
Bedlington leták_1

In November, the officially confirmed CHAMPION OF POLAND for Annie arrived in the mail

21/10/2022 - on 08/10/2022 the International Dog Show took place in České Budějovice

9 Bedlington Terriers were registered, 4 boys and 5 girls!! 4M/5F

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus

 Champion class

Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

I would like to thank referee Robert Kubes for the nice evaluation and, as always, Kristýna Hnětilová for the excellent work done in circle number 8.

08.10.2022 the last boy goes to a new home

Our last pampered darling (top) Casper - 19 weeks old - left alone to his new home in Poland. We wish Casper and his new family much love and breeding success.

24. and 25.9.2022 boys CID and CORNY in new homes

We said goodbye to our other boys from litter C. This time they were with us until 17 weeks of age. We have been lucky enough to enjoy them and see them grow into their most beautiful years, when they are long since placed in new homes. It was a new experience for us. We wish the boys and their new owners a wonderful life together and lots of mutual love. We already miss you. Suddenly there is too much peace here, the last boy, Casper, who was already booked as the first, is already entertaining us, and the new mistress will not come for him until October 8th.

16.9.2022 we still have a free exhibition dog from litter C

Our little Bedlington terrier boys in the Bohemia Opus breeding station were already 16 weeks old. It's unbelievable how time flies with them. They are amazing, cuddly and we watch them grow into our beauty. They have incredibly nice personalities. Those seriously interested in a puppy write to the email: bohemiaopus@seznam.cz or the messenger Bohemia Opus.



10.09.2022 Club exhibition of terriers in Mladá Boleslav

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus

winner class: excellent 1 (1/2), class winner, regional winner, club winner, CAC, BOB

2 males and 4 females (2M/4F) were registered

At the beginning of September, the confirmed CHAMPION OF HUNGARY arrived from Hungary to our Annie MAĎARSKA

28.8.2022 KK Zetor Brno

2 males and 4 females (2M/4F) were registered

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus

Winner class: Excellent 1, Class winner, Regional winner, club winner

Judge: Gabriela Štursová

21.8.2022 Legnickie Pole - national dog show in Poland

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus

Excellent 1, CAC, BOB

Thank you to judge Piotr Król (PL) for the beautiful evaluation of our Annie

Stalo se poprvé, kdy jsme s bedlington teriérem cestovali dva dny v neustávajícím dešti. Je snad nemožné udržet bedlingtona ve výstavní kondici a je   to daleko horší než kdejaká konkurence. Při příjezdu do hotelu nás uvítalo jezero před vjezdem a to samé i u vstupu na výstavu. Naštěstí pan rozhodčí nám zvedl náladu svým milým vystupováním, při kterém bavil i ostatní vystavující. After the evaluation, we quickly left the stadium and preferred to travel home. And since we didn't stay until the final competitions, we don't even have a cup for BOB.

Anička met the conditions for the Polish champion here. Now we can ask for it.

Our puppies are still free at 13 weeks

The puppies are already fully vaccinated, dewormed and on 24/08/2022 they were given a rabies vaccination, so in 21 days they will be able to travel abroad.

7/8/2022 TRIO CACIB Prague

A one-day Sunday trip with our Annie to an exhibition in Prague. 
A total of 7 Bedlingtons (2 boys and 5 girls).
Class Open: 2F
Annie Angel Bohemia Opus✨ 
Excellent 1/2, CAC, CACIB, BOB
 Thank you for the precise evaluation of the judge Mrs. Gabi van Ruiten Hajnová 🍀
and we thank Mrs. Alexandra Grygarová for the shortlist in the FCI III final competition🍀

3.8.2022 show puppies available for collection




Candy - reserved in CZ

15.-17.7. 2022 MVP Sarvár CACIB Hungary (three-day championship)

💕Annie Angel Bohemia Opus💕

15.7.2022 CAC, Res.CACIB 

16.7.2022 CAC 

17.07.2022 CAC, CACIB, BOS

in three days, our Anička managed to win the champion of Hungary!! Annie to dokázala🍀. 

 We thank the judges Harsánya Petér, Dr. Balogh Zsuzanna a special thanks to ⭐️Balázsovits János Ferencné⭐️ for her great work in the circle. You will see on the video. I bow down to such a super lady.

I thank my husband for overcoming the language barrier when entering the exhibition.

From the first day of the exhibition, we were accompanied by problems that make you wonder if it's worth it or if you'll ever go somewhere again. But I have to say in advance that these problems happen in our country and elsewhere... In the end, positive thinking prevailed and the conclusion that we are going home with nice memories and great results of our Annie. 

1. On the first day, an hour-long queue to enter the exhibition, which didn't move much, and it was 27 degrees outside.

2. At the entrance, they didn't want to let us in because we didn't have one-year rabies, but three-year rabies. Be careful in Hungary there is rabies and it is said that they have it in the propositions. Although we have been a rabies free country for many years and they should let us go with a three year old that applies (it should apply everywhere). However, some Czechs passed normally, unfortunately we... and we had to go to the vet immediately!!! After arriving home, Anička developed a huge lump on her side after rabies, and it was absorbed for the next fortnight. 

3. Jazykovou bariéru nám někteří Maďaři i rozhodčí dali znát. Škoda, že to není na výstavě jen o kvalitách psa. (ale je to asi i v jiných zemích…)

4.Při placení za ubytování na nás zkoušeli úplně jiné ceny než jsme měli domluvené přes Booking. Navíc platit chtěli jen v hotovosti bez řádného dokladu v polské měně.

5. On Sunday, we stood in line for about forty minutes for the champion of Hungary, and right before us the internet stopped working. We paid Annie for the champion of Hungary. The Hungarians closed the cash registers and left. Fortunately, after about 5 minutes, the lady came there, whose address we reported, and we hope that the champion will arrive in the mail.

6. They have diesel for foreigners at higher prices than here. We paid over 50 CZK per liter. With us, when leaving for Hungary, the price was CZK 47.

The positive thing is that you can still find it 30% cheaper in Hungary than here.

With all the problems, nervousness from a different environment and the last day at 30 degrees  Anička scored great.

13/07/2022 Today our puppies are already seven weeks old.

Yesterday our puppies from litter C were at the vet. All the boys are perfectly healthy and beautiful. They are after the first vaccination and chipping. Nothing prevents them from finding new lovely owners.

25.6.2022 international dog show Intercanis Brno

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus she received an award

Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB

Judge Smékal Dalibor

Today our Annie met the conditions for INTERCHAMPION. (3 země CACIB, rok a den, 3 rozhodčí)

Now we can ask for it. 

We would like to inform you about the good news, May 25, 2022, four puppies were born in the kennel. They are boys and again, as always, they are all beautiful blue with tan. You can follow more current information on fb bohemia opus.

4.6.2022 International Dog Show Poland Bytom

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus

Champion class

Thank you for a nice evaluation judge Elzbieta Chwalibog (PL) .🍀
Thank you for the beautiful photos of Martine.🥰

International dog show Litoměřice 21.5.2022

Annie Angel Bohemia Opus
✨Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB✨

Judge: Hrabáková Olga
Thank you for the beautiful reviews.
You can see the results of the Bedlington Terrier at:


5.5.-7.5.2022 NITRADOG

🍀5.-7.5.2022 Nitradog Slovakia🍀

♥️Annie Angel Bohemia Opus♥️

🍀5.5.2022 – V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

🍀6.5.2022 – V1, CAC, CACIB

🍀7.5.2022 – V1, CAC, CACIB

Thank you for a nice evaluation of our Annie from judges Stanislav Bučko, Jaroslav Kubala and Monika Uhlíková.

It was an unforgettable experience to watch a very sympathetic and positive judge Stanislav Bučko, who not only did not look at the other side of the leash, but spread positive thoughts and advice. There are not many like that. THANKS ♥ ️ 

We are also adding photos from Nitra.

23.4.-24.4.2022 EDS Paris

        Annie Angel Bohemia Opus
 🍀EDS European Dog Show Paris 24.4.2022, 24 bedlingtons

Judge: Vojan Matakovic (HR)

Excellent 3, 3/7 open class

Video: EDS Paris 2022

 Results: enter bedlington terrier


🍀Championship de France 23.4.2022
Judge: Laetitia Villot (FR)

Excellent 2
 Video: CHampionat de France 2022




We're glad to have you, Annie. You make us very happy. You did a great job in Paris too. Máme tě moc rádi. Děkuji Annie🥰

My biggest thanks go to my husband for taking care of Annie, for the photos, videos and for the trip as a birthday present. Thank you 💘

Interesting: In France, only one CAC is entered in the breed and is selected from the intermediate class and the open class. It is not awarded in the champion class. 

Interesting: The French Championship can only be awarded to those who submit a DNA profile and at the same time must take part in the so-called character tests, which can be obtained at their national show. The exception is young dogs up to one year old, they do not have to meet the characteristics.lastnosti.


♥Naše Anička – ✨✨✨ANNIE BOHEMIA OPUS✨✨✨ získala další rovnou dva šampiony. Jsme na ní pyšní💖.

International dog show České Budějovice

2.dubna 2022 April 2, 2022 International dog show in České Budějovice. Registered were 2 males and 5 females. Annie won the best award in the breed and performed beautifully in the final round of big. She missed the award in the final round by one place. There she finished in 6th place without a prize. It is our treasure. 

💖💖Annie Angel Bohemia Opus💖💖

🏆🏆Ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB🏆🏆

✨Breed winner✨

Judge: Nováková Iveta

Grooming and videos of Bohemia Opus.

The weather was bad and it was snowing all day.


Terrier Club Show (KCHT) České Budějovice

March 5, 2022 club dog show in České Budějovice. Annie performed beautifully in the show class. She made us very happy.

💖💖Annie Angel Bohemia Opus💖💖

🏆🏆V1, CC, CAC, BOB🏆🏆

✨Breed winner✨

Thank you for the beautiful evaluation of Mrs. Nováková Iveta.

Most of all, however, I have to thank my son for the accompaniment, moral support and video recording. Thanks 💖


Katowice International Dog Show

Feb 12, 2022 Annie and I went beyond our borders to Poland, where the International Dog Show Katowice - (Gliwice Sports Hall) took place. French judge J.J. Dupas was changed to Polish referee Szutkiewicz Andrzej at the last minute. A total of 15 Bedlingtons participated.

Anička in the champion class 1/2 performed beautifully and went to the next round with another competition for CACIB…

In the last round, two boys and two girls fought for BOB and BOS.

💖💖Annie Angel Bohemia Opus💖💖 💖💖 won a wonderful award:

🏆🏆Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS🏆🏆

✨The best Female✨

In addition, beautiful cockades sponsored by Marcin Hawro were prepared just for the Bedlingtons. For which we thank him once again. Katowice will remain a beautiful memory for us.

Best terrier of the year KCHT

We are delighted today. Unexpectedly, our Annie received an award for the best terrier KCHT of the Czech republic in the BEAUTY 2021 category - Bedlington breed.

DUO CACIB International Dog Show

5.-6.2.2022 International dog show two days DUO CACIB BRNO

Anička scored in the champion class.

💖💖Annie Angel Bohemia Opus💖💖

Exc.2, res.CAC, res.CACIB - judge Krcal Otto (A)

Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - judge Csaba Denk (Hu)

We are proud of her, she showed a beautiful performance.

Junior Champion of Slovakia


We have beautiful news from Slovakia.

✨✨Bonnie Bohemia Opus ✨✨
has become the October 2021
🏆Junior Champion of Slovakia🏆

Congratulations and thanks to Anna Kulichová for her superb handling and a great show. 💖

Budweis International Dog Show

9.10.2021 jsme s naší 🥰 Annie Angel Bohemia Opus (Anička) 🥰 9.10.2021 with our 🥰 Annie Angel Bohemia Opus (Anička) 🥰 we went to this year due to the worse covid situation probably to the last bigger International Dog Show in České Budějovice✨ Anička was great.✨Anička byla skvělá.

✨"Open class excellent 1/2"✨ – 🥇V1, CAC🏆, CACIB🏆, BOB

⭐️ ⭐️ We thank the judge Iveta Nováková, and Kristýna Hnětilová💖 for the beautiful handling .💖.


29.9.-30.9-1.10. In 2021 we made a big trip to Brno, where the World Dog Show took place after more than 30 years.
Part of the World Dog Show 2021 Brno was the international show CACIB SHOW on 29.9., As well as the extraordinary Special show of KCHT terriers at WDS 30.9. and finally the most prestigious World Dog Show in Brno 1.10.2021.

At these shows there was a representation of breeders, owners and handlers from many countries.

It was an unprecedented experience. After all, you won't be able to see 40 registered Bedlington Terriers together.

Many thanks to Anna Agel for the beautiful arrangement of our dog girls, great performance in the ring and living proof that we have a "World". Thanks Anna,… 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💞🇨🇿-🇸🇰. Anna Agel za překrásnou úpravu našich psích dívek, skvělé předvedení v kruhu a živý důkaz, že na “Světovku “ máme. Díky Anna, …👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💞🇨🇿🇸🇰.

✨✨Annie Angel Bohemia Opus✨✨třída otevřená✨

✨Breeder and owner I (Marcela Pobudová) ✨✨

✨29.9.2021🥇🏆V1, CAC, res. CACIB

✨30.9.2021🥇🏆V1, CAC, CC, VSV, BOS

✨ 1.10.2021🥇🏆V1, CAC ( světová výstava)

✨✨Bonnie Bohemia Opus ✨✨dorost✨

✨Breeder me and owner Anna Agel✨✨

✨30.9.2021🥇🏆VN1, BIS Puppy 2

✨ 1.10.2021🏅🏆VN2 (světová výstava)

The father of litter A and B is💎Night Diamond Bos Grunniens 💎.

⭐️⭐️And finally the possibility to see the results⭐️WORLD DOG SHOW 2021⭐️⭐️WORLD DOG SHOW 2021⭐️
FCI III bedlington: https://dogoffice.cz/results/24883

International dog show Brno 29.9.2021

Special dog show of the Terrier Club at the World Dog Show in Brno on September 30, 2021

World Dog Show Brno - WDS - 1.10.2021

KCHT Brno ZETOR 2021 Dog Show

Our Annie Angel Bohemia Opus (Anička) took part in the KCHT Brno ZETOR Dog Show.

She brought home V1, CC, KV awards. In addition, we thank Markéta Kelblová for her fantastic handling and gain of the 3rd place in the final competition FCI III.

We are absolutely thrilled! Photogallery (exhibition Brno ZETOR)

Special KCHT Dog Show and Club Dog Show in Jívová 2021

July 31st - August 1st, 2021 - Annie Angel Bohemia Opus took part in the Special KCHT Dog Show and Club Dog Show in Jívová and won V1, CAC, CC.

Furthermore, our Bonnie Bohemia Opus from litter B with the new owner Anna Agel took part in the show for the first time and celebrated a huge success in the puppy and she won VN1 twice and also got to the final competitions, where she won 3rd place every day. New photos in

Nové fotografie v Photogallery (Výstava Jívová).

Older news can be found in archive.