About us

Bohemia Opus - Kennel Bedlington terrier FCI

In 1997 we started breeding Fox Terriers. In order to breed puppies with a pedigree, we have applied for an FCI internationally protected kennel. Our kennel BOHEMIA OPUS was established on 25.2.1999 with registration number 190/99. After some time, we met a super lady, an experienced breeder of not only fox terriers, Eva Letáčková. Ms. Eva Letáčková has also been the registrar of the fox terrier club for many years and a well-known and respected FCI dog judge. This wonderful lady patiently showed us how to groom a fox terrier and gave us lots of advice to get started. We still fondly remember meeting Mrs. Letáčková. We bred two litters of puppies in 2000 (2 boys and 6 girls born) and in 2005 (3 girls born). After the birth of our daughter and because of her strong allergy to fur, we had to stop our breeding for many years.  

Since the daughter was 13 years old and eczema became normal, even after discussions with friends that the dog could help mainly psychologically, in 2016 we started to monitor suitable breeds for allergic children despite the ban of the pediatrician.

We were interested in the bedlington terrier breed even for allergy sufferers, but we were a little worried about the nature of what they said on the Internet, like a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing and pictures of a hunchbacked dog. We now know that their nature is divine, endearing and wonderful if they care enough. From our experience, the exhibition hump in a young dog is achieved by a more or less demanding modification. My daughter still has eczema, but it hasn't gotten any worse, and she cuddles them indefinitely. Maybe if we didn't have our Tomísko (Tomchu) cat, who unfortunately still has hair, I believe that eczema might no longer be a problem for our daughter.

We have been breeding Bedlington terriers since the day we brought home our first little girl on 16.1.2017, whom we call Jezinka. When we bought it, we promised to try to participate in dog shows. We had no idea what all this entailed. How to properly groom, i.e. cut a Bedlington, and what's more, for the exhibition. Since not many people in the nearest dog salons had experience, probably due to the fact that there are really strays in our country, my husband and I started bathing and cutting our Jezinka ourselves, and the attempt failed. Because if you want an excellent show rating, it's alchemy, but when it works, it's a beautiful, fragrant lamb. Even today, we are still looking at what and how to improve next time... because there is no one in the Czech Republic to advise. It wasn't until autumn 2018 at the exhibition in Bratislava on October 26-28, 2018 that we met Mrs. Anna by chance - a great lady who gave us some good advice on what to be careful of when cutting and where not to cut, for which we thank her very much. Even so, there is and will always be room for improvement.

We currently own two Bedlington Terrier dog girls. The first, as we have already mentioned, is Jezinka born on 18.11.2016 and her bred daughter as the very first puppy born from a foreign litter in our breeding station named Annie Angel Bohemia Opus (Anička) from litter A on 18.9.2019.

Why did we start breeding bedlington terriers?

  • After a long pause in breeding, we began to look for a suitable breed. First of all, because of our atopic and almost all-allergic children, we were intrigued that it was a dog for allergy sufferers and not lazy at all. Too bad we didn't find out about this amazing breed sooner.
  • Next, the decisive size was that it was neither small (so we wouldn't step on it) nor large, just right for us. Beautiful eyes and the appearance of a sheep, but of course without a thorough adjustment it looks a little different.
  • We were surprised how difficult it is to get a Bedlington Terrier puppy in our country in 2016-2017. We waited about five months for our puppy (bedlinka - our first love). Back then, however, we were not yet privy to Facebook and other technological conveniences like we are today. Today, we would probably choose other faster ways when buying a puppy.
  • It was a big surprise that when we wanted to cover our Jezinka for the first time in 2019, we could not find a suitable selection in our country at that time. Rather, inbreeding prevailed.
  • Our goal is to bring new blood to Bohemia and thus improve healthy breeding, preferably by foreign cover and parents who have performed tests for copper toxicosis registered in the PA. As long as there are two of us, we will try to maintain healthy breeding at the level of appropriate selection and proper socialization. We hope to continue to prosper. Although, as we all know, it is not only the financial means that matter, but also nature. We want more joyous crates that will instantly put a smile on your face...

Someone told us that a Bedlington will never be a pet, that they are withdrawn, but we have to say that we managed to change this characteristic right away with our first litter A. The nature of each dog needs to be worked on already when choosing the right parents and above all with the love that the breeder is able to devote all his free time to them. That is, it is best if it only works 24 hours a day.