CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

The tortoise - Testudo marginata is listed in CITES Appendix II and CITES Appendix A according to European CITES legislation. What is this known for new owners of these turtles?

The new owner of the crested turtle always needs to obtain mandatory CITES documents from the breeder. And it:

  1. Turtle registration form so-called CITES - white paper and
  2. Exception to the ban on business - yellow paper the validity of the trade is limited to one year only until the turtle is bitten. Valid only in the Member States of the European Union! After the specimen is exported to another EU Member State, the certificate expires and may no longer be used. (Never leave without these documents!)

On the registration form on page 2, the number of the new owner, the date and the date of the takeover and the signature of the original and the new owner shall be added to number 21.

These original documents - the new owner must send within 30 days to the Regional Office of the Environment, which belongs to his residence. The original owner must report the same in his region.

Until the turtle is marked with a chip, the new owner of the turtle should document a photograph of the turtle taken with the ruler, for example, once a year by agreement at the regional office. This photo turtles should occupy 2/3 of the area. Once you have the turtle marked with a chip, you no longer send anything to the office. From a certain size of the turtle, the office will ask you to have the turtle chipped with a microchip. It can order you first from a turtle size of 10 cm or a weight of 500g.

You are also obliged to report all changes concerning the turtle to your regional office within 30 days, eg change of residence, change of specimen holder, possible death of the turtle, etc. It is always better to arrange a specific office by phone first.

For possible export Testudo marginata to countries that are not EU Member States, is a must have export permit or re-export certificateexport permit or re-export certificate