Breeding station BOHEMIA OPUS bedlington terrier

Breed description

The Bedlington terrier is a medium height, graceful representative of the English terriers, with a typical backline and a movement reminiscent of a sheep in appearance. Nowadays, he acts more like a social dog.

Bedlington terrier is a great family dog bred in the apartment best with garden. It is totally unsuitable for outdoor breeding. Very suitable for allergic people, not lazy!! Every two to three months the hair should be trimmed. 

Bedlington is friendly to the people and gentle to the children, guarding his owners and his territory if absolutely necessary. He exercises well without losing any of his terriers.

Its height should be about 41 cm in the faucet and its weight should be between 8 and 11 kg.

Bedlington is perhaps the most elegant noble and noble breed among dogs and will never fail you. She has a great temperament, a cute look, a cheerful nature and an amazing ponytail. Suitable for all ages. He loves to walk and move.

Teriéři se dožívají často vysokého věku až 16 let, proto chceme od nových majitelů, aby pejsci mohli důstojně dožít v jejich rodinném kruhu. Bedlingtoni se dají vychovávat pouze pozitivní technikou, jinak by z nich nebyli tak úžasní tvorové. Naše bedlinky s námi jezdí skoro všude i na dovolenou.

Dog training

!!!We raise puppies in the living room, where they are the focus of our entire household, accustomed to all kinds of sounds of vacuum cleaner, robot in the kitchen, TV, cat, children, ...

We would like to keep only so many crates that we can give them enough attention and give them our love and care. We ask the same of the new owners of our pets.

We don't have a lot of demands on the new owners of our puppies. However, if they wish to pass on new blood, they must at least preserve the dog. They will do this when they attend the club's terrier show (excellent or very good with ratings) and have their height and number of teeth written down in a year or more. If they went to exhibitions more often and won some awards, it would be very happy news for us that our work makes sense. Mainly because we try to cover abroad, which is not cheap, but the results were certainly worth it (they were great according to the fact from the first litter). All four puppies grew up to be super dogs - beautiful figures, with thick furs and super natures. We try to devote all our time to them before they go to their new homes. There's always someone at home with them.

Quite often we hear from people that they want a puppy even without PP just for pleasure and are looking for the cheapest option. I do not think that some of them, who purchase a so-called cheap puppy, can provide them with a high-quality diet – granules, meat, and veterinary care, equipment and cosmetics that are several times higher than the entry price of a puppy. Because it's only here that the cost of a dog that doesn't just end. Those who are unable to provide these basic needs are better off not having our puppy. Costs per month can be 1,500, – and more. It's at least 18,000 a year, -kč and in his entire life 250,000, -kč (about 14 years with you). At that amount, the initial price of a puppy is absolutely slim!

For futur owners

Otázky na budoucí majitelé. Než někomu svěříme štěňátko z naší chovné stanice, tak se vyptáváme na spousty i podrobnějších otázek. Chceme vědět, v jakém prostředí by štěně vyrůstalo, zda mají zahradu, zda mají s chovem zkušenosti, zda již pejska vychovávali, zda s ním počítají i na další léta a další. Někteří lidé to bohužel berou velmi osobně, až se cítí uraženě, ale nezlobte se, neptáme se ani na vaše číslo účtu ani na číslo vašich bot. Jde nám o budoucí život našeho štěňátka. Prostě bez těchto základních informací vám nemůžeme naše štěňátko – srdeční záležitost svěřit. Jde nám především a jen o jeho blahobyt a budoucnost.

Indicative costs

Only indicative costs and veterinary testing on a puppy with PP FCI, prices will not be mentioned everywhere because they are constantly changing and increasing.

  • Covered by a quality dog abroad 30,000-70.000,-CZK, we have so far 15.000-25,000,- including transport and accommodation costs
  • In covid time in 2020 before going abroad for cover, the family must also pay for a private test for COVID-19. At our time 11/2020 approx. 1800,-CZK per person.
  • Ultrasound and examination of the female 350-800,-kč
  • Medical examination for parent copper toxicosis
  • De-worming in 14 days, 4, 6, and 10 weeks and veterinary care, chipping, Euro passport
  • Deworming then once a month to half a year of age!
  • Chipping at 6 weeks
  • Vaccinations 7 weeks, 2. Vaccination per month, 3.vaccination for the next month according to the veterinarian etc.
  • Rabies at 6 months, if the puppy goes to the exhibition, it can be given from 3 months of age +21 days of incubation
  • Login or warning to sign in to the NRMZ of the National Register of Animal Owners
  • Exposure of PP to ČMKJ, administrative fees for each puppy. Today it is also paid for each new entry in the parents' PA, see the price list of ČMKJ.
  • Exposure of export PA to ČMKJ
  • Cost of quality feed for both pregnant bitch and puppies – goat milk we import fresh from the farm 20 km, meat chicken, veal, deer, granules without cereal...
  • Costs of rearing wash diapers min. 1-2 washing machines daily, blanket heating, playpen, ...
  • Babysitting of puppies see below described
  • Exhibitions, travel, accommodation - depending on who drives, will of course show up in the pedigree 50-150,000,- a year, when travelling abroad and much more
  • Fittings for puppy to new home – minimum toy and feeding
  • Breeder's service is currently provided by the nanny 24 hours a day – if the nanny should be paid daily before someone comes home from work about 10 hours at least two months and at a price of 200,- CZK per hour, (if anyone was willing to care at all), just babysitting puppies would cost at least 120,000, -(10x200x60). Puppies can stay with us for four months or more if they go abroad...
  • A purchase agreement where every puppy (depending on the quality, number of litter, and country) has its price. Puppies go abroad much longer.

IIf the puppy goes abroad from us, the price will approximate to the price in that country. This is to prevent any further unfair trading. Or even those who are not willing to pay the normal amount for a paper dog in their country.

Breeding stations that want to improve the quality of the breed will incur costs to incredible heights:

Např. import štěněte ze zahraničí 45-130.000,-kč včetně dopravy. Importy jsou dražší i z důvodů, že štěně se může importovat až po vakcíně na vzteklinu, což se prodražuje. Navíc by se jim měl chovatel i více věnovat, socializovat. Chodí na další vyšetření k veterináři a kvalitně stále krmí.

Our greatest joy is knowing that we have placed them in the right love-filled families, and in the first place they are both pets and life partners. See successful litter A. We're glad they give us feedback sometimes with, like, a picture. And we are proud of their potential future successes, and not only exhibition.

Na chovu opravdu nelze zbohatnout, pokud nejste „množírna“ a nesekáte za rok mnohdy velké množství vrhů. Když do chovu dáváte své srdce, tak i když by snad něco zbylo, (to se asi stává u více početných plemen), je to pak určitě většinou zase investicí na zlepšení života jen a jen našich – vašich psích miláčků, mazlíků.

What will the breeders who sell you a cheap puppy save the most on?

  • Especially for cover. They cover at the cheapest price, regardless of the quality of the puppy father. The mother of puppies usually has no championship and other show successes.
  • Only in exhibitions save the most, because walking out one championship is not fun and today it is often not even about the best dog of the exhibition, but about many constellations and great luck. As we have already written above, there can be hundreds of thousands of exhibitions if there are also foreign ones.
  • Last but not least, they also save on veterinary examination, giving only austere basic vaccines, etc. You are not likely to find veterans in such breeders because they are unproductive (needless) and require considerable funding, so they are quickly discarded for old age!!

Everyone has to make their own responsible choices. As they say, "we are not rich enough to buy cheap things", and we choose a partner - a member of the family for many years (13-17), so we should choose with great discretion.