Breeding station BOHEMIA OPUS bedlington terrier

Breed description

The Bedlington terrier is a medium height, graceful representative of the English terriers, with a typical backline and a movement reminiscent of a sheep in appearance. Nowadays, he acts more like a social dog.

Bedlington teriér je skvělý rodinný pes chován v bytě nejlépe se zahradou. Pro venkovní chov je naprosto nevhodný. Velmi vhodný pro alergické lidi, nelíná!! Každé dva až tři měsíce je nutná úprava srsti střihem. 

Bedlington je přátelský k lidem a jemný k dětem, hlídá své páníčky a své teritorium, pokud je to nezbytně nutné. Dobře se cvičí, aniž by ztratil něco z teriérů.

Jeho výška by měla být kolem 41 cm v kohoutku a váha mezi 8–11 kg.

Bedlington is perhaps the most elegant noble and noble breed among dogs and will never fail you. She has a great temperament, a cute look, a cheerful nature and an amazing ponytail. Suitable for all ages. He loves to walk and move.

Terriers often live up to 16 years of age, so we want the new owners to be able to live with dignity in their family circle. Bedlingtons can only be nurtured with positive technology, otherwise they wouldn't be such wonderful creatures. Our crates come with us almost everywhere and on holiday.

Dog training

Nejlepší výchova štěňat je přímo v obývacím pokoji, kde jsou středem pozornosti celé rodiny, pak budou zvyklé na všechny možné zvuky vysavače, robota v kuchyni, televize, kocoura, dětí, …


For futur owners

Questions for future owners. Before we entrust a puppy from our breeding station, we ask a lot of more detailed questions. We want to know what environment the puppy would grow up in, whether they have a garden, whether they have experience in breeding, whether they have raised the dog, whether they are counting on it for years to come and more. Unfortunately, some people take it very personally to the point of feeling offended, but don't be angry, we're not asking for your account number or your shoe number. We're looking for the future life of our puppy. Simply without this basic information, we cannot entrust you with our puppy - a matter of the heart. We are all about his well-being and his future.


What will the breeders who sell you a cheap puppy save the most on?

  • Especially for cover. They cover at the cheapest price, regardless of the quality of the puppy father. The mother of puppies usually has no championship and other show successes.
  • Only in exhibitions save the most, because walking out one championship is not fun and today it is often not even about the best dog of the exhibition, but about many constellations and great luck. As we have already written above, there can be hundreds of thousands of exhibitions if there are also foreign ones.
  • Last but not least, they also save on veterinary examination, giving only austere basic vaccines, etc. You are not likely to find veterans in such breeders because they are unproductive (needless) and require considerable funding, so they are quickly discarded for old age!!