• Wet dust-free shavings are definitely suitable for baby turtles at home in the terrarium 
  • Po zmáčknutí hoblin v ruce , by z nich měla kapat voda. Výška steliva alespoň 5 cm.
  • Or choose a combination for part shavings and the rest of the clay with sand without fertilizers !!!
    If you do not have the opportunity to buy land, type on purchased without fertilizers
  • It is best to collect clay from moles.
    • It is important to regularly moisten or grow shavings or terrariums (sprayer, children's flower pot). The best time to dew is in the evening or early morning. It simulates the environment where they live.
    • It is important to replace the shavings as needed and the number of turtles. E.g. 1 x in 14 days.
    • Another possible turtle litter that some turtle breeders use is, for example, coconut fiber, wood wool…
    • Gravel, sawdust, wood chips, hay and straw, newspapers are unsuitable substrates at home in the terrarium.
  • Turtles nestled from spring to autumn outside it is advisable to have straw in the shed on colder days, into which they can climb. In the case of rare morning frosts, you can extend their stay outside, for example by inserting a hot bottle soaked in the evening, which will keep their temperature at about 5 ° C.


Turtles always need to provide both radiation at home UVA i UVB. Jakým způsobem si to zařídíte, je jen na vás. S možnou kombinací vám poradí ve specializovaném obchodě. Pro představu, nabízíme možnosti např.:

For daytime running lights (UVA) 10-12 hours a day according to the time of year there are, for example, the following options:

  • Narva Biobital (UVA) 6000K full spectrum linear fluorescent lamp Tube markings 865,958,965 or
  • more expensive halogen lamp, which must be connected via a ballast. It is a more expensive variant, but a perfect source of visible UVA radiation SunLux Daylight  or daytime running lamp. Never LED lighting with blue light.
  • The cheapest variant could be ordinary fluorescent tubes T8 or T5 (about once a year, according to your operation, UV fluorescent lamps and lamps should be replaced, because UV is weakening - read the instructions)

UVB radiation - sun for heating turtles) and vitamin D3 8-10 hours a day:

  • Spot light as a 40-60w heat source.
  • SUNLUX UV 35W PAR30 (UVB i UVA) necessary with the ballast - place the lamp on one side of the terrarium (37-45 degrees) so that the turtles have the opportunity on the other side of the terrarium to be in the colder part (20-24 degrees).
  • Lucky Reptile halogen sun mini 35W, 50W according to terrarium size
    • There are a lot of other brands Osram Ultra, Ultra Vitalux, Repti Glo, .. but the best is also with the news
      best advice eg on www.terasvet.
    • If UVB lighting is lacking for a long time, there is no metabolism, and the turtle's body is not able to sufficiently absorb and absorb calcium. The result is usually deformation of the carapace to death.
    • Never give heating from below, heating stones are harmful!